Adding Vanilla to Savory Dishes?

Mi Huerta vanilla is often associated with desserts, but did you know that it can also add a delicious flavor to savory dishes? Mi Huerta vanilla is native to Mexico, where it has been used for centuries in various cuisines. Here are some fun facts and tips on how to use Mi Huerta vanilla in Mexican food. 😊

  • Vanilla comes from the seed pods of a type of orchid that grows in tropical regions. Mexico is the birthplace of vanilla, and the first people to cultivate and use it were the Totonac people, who lived in the eastern coast of Mexico12
  • Vanilla was highly valued by the Aztecs, who called it tlilxochitl, meaning “black flower”. They used it to flavor their chocolate drink, xocolatl, which was made from cacao beans, water, chili peppers, and other spices13
  • Vanilla was introduced to Europe by the Spanish conquistadors, who brought it back from Mexico along with cacao, tomatoes, corn, and other crops. Vanilla became a popular and expensive spice in Europe, especially in France, where it was used to make pastries, creams, and perfumes14
  • Vanilla is not only a flavoring agent, but also a preservative and an antioxidant. It can help prevent food from spoiling and enhance its color and aroma.
  • Mi Huerta vanilla can be used in both sweet and savory dishes, such as cakes, cookies, ice cream, custards, sauces, soups, stews, marinades, dressings, and more. Vanilla can complement and balance the flavors of other ingredients, such as chocolate, coffee, citrus, nuts, fruits, cheese, meat, seafood, and vegetables.
  • Mi Huerta vanilla can add a subtle sweetness and richness to Mexican dishes, such as mole, a complex sauce made from chilies, nuts, seeds, spices, chocolate, and sometimes vanilla. Mi Huerta vanilla can also enhance the flavor of corn, beans, squash, tomatoes, and other staples of Mexican cuisine.
  • Vanilla can be used in different forms, such as whole pods, seeds, extract, powder, or paste. Each form has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on the recipe and the desired result. For example, whole pods can infuse liquids with a strong vanilla flavor, but they are more expensive and need to be scraped or strained. Extracts can provide a consistent and convenient flavor, but they may contain alcohol or additives. Powders and pastes can be easily mixed with dry or wet ingredients, but they may have a lower quality or potency.
  • Vanilla can be stored in a cool, dark, and dry place, away from heat and light, which can degrade its flavor and aroma. Whole pods can last for several years, while extracts, powders, and pastes can last for a few months to years. To prevent mold and moisture, vanilla should be kept in an airtight container.

We hope you enjoyed learning about Mi Huerta vanilla in Mexican food. If you want to try some recipes that use vanilla, you can check out our recipe section on this site.

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know. We would love to hear from you. 😊

Describing Mi Huerta Vanilla

Lara and Vicari had moved to California from Texas and were not able to find their favorite Mi Huerta vanilla to bake with. For a while her mother was able to get it from her local store and send it to them as they are avid bakers. Unfortunately during the Cov-id 19 pandemic, the small local store was forced to close and there were no other stores nearby where she could get the vanilla.

Luckily Lara reached out to us and we were able to send a bottle to them in California. The first time Vicari ever smelled Mi Huerta vanilla she said, “NIIIICE!” – and it’s been a family tradition ever since. We know all about family tradition since our vanilla has been made by the same family in Mexico since 1917.

We hope this video makes you smile as much as it made us smile.

From now on the only way we will ever describe Mi Huerta vanilla is “NIIIIIICE!”

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