Welcome to Mi Huerta Products

Welcome to Mi Huerta Products


Welcome to Mi Huerta Products


Mi Huerta vanilla has been manufactured in Mexico by the same family over 100 years since 1917 and is renowned for it’s authenticity and top ranked taste in the world.

Mi Huerta Products

Welcome to the wonderful world of Mi Huerta products! We hope to continually provide you, our customers, with relevant information concerning our products. We will also strive to give you delicious recipes on a regular basis featuring our products. At Mi Huerta we know that without you, the customer who enjoys our products, we wouldn’t exist. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the people that appreciate the authenticity and quality of our products and ask that you share Mi Huerta with all of your friends and family.

We are a small, family owned brand. Our biggest advantage is not mass advertising, focus groups, or the traditional methods of big companies, but rather word of mouth from the people that have tried and enjoyed our products. The Mi Huerta brand started from a desire to bring quality, authentic, Mexican products to the U.S. Whether your family has traditionally used these products, or you have developed a taste for Mexican cuisine over the years, we are certain that you will enjoy the quality and authenticity of all of our products for years to come.

Our most popular item, the Mi Huerta vanilla has been manufactured by the same family since 1917. Over 100 years! With that much experience and tradition behind the product it is no wonder that is has been one of the top rated vanillas in the world according to taste. The Mi Huerta mole ingredients are still cleaned by hand by the folks who know what authentic mole poblano should taste like. The Mi Huerta piloncillo comes in the traditional cone shape that gave it it’s name. If there is one thing we value here at Mi Huerta even more than authenticity, it’s TASTE!

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