Lara and Vicari had moved to California from Texas and were not able to find their favorite Mi Huerta vanilla to bake with. For a while her mother was able to get it from her local store and send it to them as they are avid bakers. Unfortunately during the Cov-id 19 pandemic, the small local store was forced to close and there were no other stores nearby where she could get the vanilla.

Luckily Lara reached out to us and we were able to send a bottle to them in California. The first time Vicari ever smelled Mi Huerta vanilla she said, “NIIIICE!” – and it’s been a family tradition ever since. We know all about family tradition since our vanilla has been made by the same family in Mexico since 1917.

We hope this video makes you smile as much as it made us smile.

From now on the only way we will ever describe Mi Huerta vanilla is “NIIIIIICE!”