Tamale Steamer

From birthday parties to work events to weddings and more, there are many occasions for tamales! The question is, how do you know you’re making the best tamales the correct way?

Mi Huerta Tamale Steamers are the perfect cooking tool to use when making the tastiest tamales. It has three components: the main pot, its lid, and a perforated rack to place at the bottom of the pot to hold the tamales just above the waterline holding the tamales upright.
What’s great about this steamer is it’s made of very high quality material so it is extremely durable. It can hold up to twenty quarts of tamales at once or even vegetables if desired for an added twist. It’s easy to clean and priced better than most competitors.

Your friends and family will be pleased and you won’t be exhausted by the simple process when using the Mi Huerta Tamale Steamer. Mi Huerta specializes in a variety of authentic Mexican products and promise to offer you only the best!