Tamale Corn Husks

Mi Huerta is known for a number of great products. Did you know they also supply corn husks? That’s right! Corn husks are very beneficial and can be used in many different ways.

Corn husks are the outer shell of corn. While they are easily available on the market, they are not always fresh with good quality. Some are possibly covered in preservatives and chemicals. Mi Huerta Corn Husks can be used in making a Mexican dish (made of cornmeal batter and shredded meat), as well as being a raw material in many crafts and decorative items. However, to make corn husks useful, you will first need to boil them in water. Thereafter, pat them dry and start using them . Corn husks are also known by the name of tamale wrapper, since they are often used for wrapping tamales. They can be used to hold seafood and vegetables too.
Corn husks have been around for centuries and they can be used as gifts or decorations as well. There is a tradition of turning corn husks into dolls or puppets. They can easily be used for arts and crafts due to the way they dry and bend once peeled off the corn.