Flor de Calabaza

Flor de Calabaza can be cooked or eaten raw. It can be used as an ingredient in various soups creams and salads.  It can also be filled, battered, and fried. 

The flowers have a subtle taste, reminiscent of young zucchini, and can also be eaten raw. Pumpkin flowers are widely used in Mexican cuisine, especially in the center of the country, since pre-Hispanic times. In fact, pumpkin is the first plant cultivated in Mesoamerica, as the oldest record of its use dates from about 10,000 years ago (in Oaxaca). They are also called zucchini flower or, in the Oaxacan dialect, guallas. The pumpkin flower is one of the most popular flowers consumed in Mexico. Very popular are pumpkin flower quesadillas, which are corn tortillas filled with cheese, flower and onion, and are usually flavored with epazote. The pumpkin flower is also chopped and included in tamales and broths.