1 Gallon Vanilla

Mi Huerta Mexican Vanilla stands out from your average vanilla extract for a number of great reasons. It has been manufactured by the same family in Mexico since 1917. It is a gluten free, kosher product made in Mexico with only the best all-natural ingredients that are safe for the whole family.

Every bottle is handled individually with care and is glass to preserve flavor, prevent evaporation, and keep the taste consistent throughout. Mi Huerta prides itself with their high quality products such as the Mi Huerta Mexican Vanilla because of its contents and value. It’s Amber color, alcohol content and absence of coumarin and conservatives are what makes it authentic. It can be used to cook with, bake with and to even put in your coffee for additional flavor. Why buy any other brand when you can use our pure, healthy and delicious vanilla extract straight from Mexico that your entire family can enjoy.

It is the best, most authentic product of its kind on the market for its price as well which is something Mi Huerta truly wants to be known for. Mi Huerta is proud to serve you the finest products and our goal is to create satisfied, and returning customers as we continue to grow.