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Mi Huerta Vanilla at Affiliated Food Show

Mi Huerta vanilla was honored to be one of the many products featured at the Affiliated Foods "Holiday Savings Express" food show in Amarillo, Texas.   Also in attendance were several hundred other vendors, and hundreds of retailers. Affiliated Foods meets the needs...

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Mexican Vanilla Ice Cream

Mi Huerta Market By Sarah Chovanetz The Best HOMEMADE Ice Cream!   Summer is pretty much over. The kids have gone back to school and life is as busy as ever.  But the Texas heat is still just as sweltering and with that we still need our favorite cold dessert. ...

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Sweet Taquitos

Mi Huerta Market By Sarah Chovanetz   Sweet Taquitos!   Taquitos are an easy yet satisfying traditional, Mexican dish that remains popular to this day! They are fairly simple to make and can be quite addicting. Made with hot and fresh tortillas with a filling of...

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Spicy Mexican Brownie Cake

Mi Huerta Market   A Little Spice Makes Everything Nice!   Who doesn't love dessert? It’s a nice reward to treat ourselves with after a savory meal! This Mexican inspired dessert is one that will awaken your taste buds while giving you the sweetness you...

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Pina Colada Cupcakes

Mi Huerta Market     If You Like Pina Coladas   We all know the famous song and how easily it gets stuck in our heads. The next thing you know you’re craving something refreshing and delicious with an umbrella in your drink and toes in the sand. Luckily, we are...

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Pan Dulce

Mi Huerta Market By Sarah Chovanetz   The Sweetest Bread You’ll Ever Eat! This recipe is a beloved Mexican treat that continues to thrive generation after generation. Maybe it’s because it is the perfect start to your day with a yummy cup of coffee or because it...

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Homemade Chicken with Mole Sauce

Mi Huerta Market By: Sarah Chovanetz Holy Mole   Our mole is made with 100% all-natural and hand selected ingredients. It is part of what sets us a part from the competition. We don't add any fillers or other chemicals to enhance the flavor. It is a passion at Mi...

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