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*NEW* Mi Huerta Teas!

New items from Mi Huerta!   Introducing new Mi Huerta teas!  We are currently offering 5 different flavors of Mi Huerta tea bags:   Chamomile, Linden, 7 Blossoms, Passion Flower, and Rinozanin   Chamomile is the most popular flavor. Chamomile tea is one of...

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Mexican Coconut Candies – Cocadas

Mexican Coconut Candies “Cocadas”            A traditional recipe that is very popular in Brazil, Mexico, Columbia and Peru is also a dessert favorite here because of its fun size and addictive flavors. These fun sized desserts are known as “Cocadas” or in...

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Tacos with Mole Sauce

Mi Huerta Market Taco Tuesday- Jan 30 2018 Yummy Tacos with Mole Sauce If there is one thing I know about people it’s that they love tacos. There is something about the taco shell, fresh ingredients and spicy kick that keeps people happy and hungry. Tacos are easily...

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